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FINALLY! The Into the Flame trailer has landed!

For all of you that have been eagerly and patiently waiting… it’s finally here!

Equality. Why is there even a debate about this?

We’ve been hearing about gender issues in the film industry for a while now. Is there anyone left who would be surprised to hear about the gender disparity in the film industry? So with talk comes action. There has been a movement, a reaction with initiatives such as Gender Matters through Screen Australia. And of course, people have react […]

Equipment Know-How: C-Stands

If your planning on a career in the industry, you will most certainly run into a C-Stand. And quite probably that is literally as well as figuratively. RocketJump Film School has this video to help you navigate your way around this vital piece of film equipment…  

Belated Happy New Year!

I start 2016 with great news for my short film…

Recording Great Natural Sounds

Sound is one of the most important aspects of production. Yet it is also the most overlooked aspect of production. And sometimes you don’t have the equipment to get the audio you need. Here is a little video that will teach you how to add depth and realism to your films with great natural sounds, even if […]

INK’s first festival screening

INK has been selected to screen at Simply Shorts Film Festival in Brisbane! It’s great news and allows me to show off the talented cast and crew to fellow Queenslanders. We’d love to see you at the screening. You can find out more via this Facebook link: click here

How to Avoid Tripping a Circuit Breaker

Thanks to Academy of Storytellers for this very helpful infographic. It should be particularly helpful to newbies and those not traditionally involved with lighting.

Dear Actors. (a letter)

“My dear (soon-to-be) friends (depending on how it goes)…”

Slate Like A Pro

I get asked a lot about the correct way to slate. If it’s not a professional production and you’re just wanting to make sure the sound syncs then you can keep it simple with a clap. You can move up a notch with things like slate apps for your iPhone (they’re fun to play with at […]


For those of you out there that are trying to source funding for their next production, you’ve most likely considered crowdfunding at some stage. Whether it will work for you or not is debatable, but it will certainly depend entirely on how much research/groundwork you do first. Personally I have crowdfunded before to different levels of […]